Making Telemarketing and Its Advantages Your Very Own Trump Card

People starting new businesses nowadays understand that the business world is already congested. There is always a bigger competitor out there. So how do you make things even? People nowadays rely on intelligent marketing, and not just your ordinary TV commercial or newspaper ads. People turn their sights on telemarketing. So just how do you gain an edge with professional telemarketers and how good are they compared to the usual and traditional marketing campaigns?The term telemarketing just came into circulation around the 1970′s and has gained momentum since. It can be grouped into four subcategories. First one would be Lead Generation which is basically gathering of information from prospective customers. Second is Sales, wherein a professional telemarketer uses persuasion to sell a certain product and/or service. Third one is called Outbound Telemarketing where potential and existing customers are contacted proactively. The last one is Inbound Telemarketing where a telemarketer receives calls for incoming orders and requests for information. Inbound telemarketing is usually supported by advertising, publicity or by the effort of other sales personnel.When you hear the word telemarketing, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? I bet it would have something to do with the telephone. When a telephone rings, there is a definite need to answer it. First reason would be the obvious annoying sound and the other one is the urgency that comes along with a telephone ring. So unlike other marketing campaigns that can easily be disregarded like commercials, billboards and radio ads, telemarketing requires an immediate answer from the prospective customer. This advantage establishes a chance for a conversation between the telemarketer and the customer. Unlike a TV ad, telemarketing cannot give the customer a “look” at the product and/or service. This is evened out by the fact that because the customer is actually having a conversation with a salesperson, he\she can get answers to all her questions right away.Telemarketing also offers convenience to its customers because an order can be made right away in one call. Telemarketing is a very dynamic marketing strategy because it can automatically adapt its strategy depending on the need to generate better results.Just how much does a company spend on a TV ad? After you find an advertising company, hired actors, paid some other guys to do stuff, will the big cost assure you of better results? This is one of the drawbacks of mass media. Businesses inject a lot of money in this kind of campaign but there is no assurance that the message is actually sent because of the fact that a potential customer can always turn the TV set off or change channels. It’s the same with direct mail marketing. It may cost you a lot less compared to mass media, but there is also no assurance that your literature has actually reached its goal.As what was mentioned above, because telemarketing relies on the urgency for the customer to answer a telephone ringing, it gives the company a chance to directly talk to a particular customer. It is actually the cheapest marketing campaign available in respect to its returns. Professional telemarketers can cover a lot of ground in terms of contact with possible customers. Telemarketing gives a window of opportunity for a certain company to introduce itself, explain its products and services, and give an option for the customer to place an order if needed.Telemarketing is a flexible, positively practical marketing method that provides a business with a myriad of opportunities and possibilities to give your business better results. These advantages definitely prove that telemarketing is beyond doubt a significant marketing instrument.

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